Six Sentence Sunday – "The Ciderman’s Daughter"

It’s week two of my Six Sentence Sunday adventure and I found it just as challenging to find six sentences this time.  These are from a work in progress tentatively titled, “The Ciderman’s Daughter.”

A little bit of background.  Rois is the daughter of a human and a shapeshifter.  She was raised by foster parents with no knowledge of her background.  As she reaches maturity, she begins to see other shifters in their animal forms, identifiable by a soft glow that surrounds them.  Once her own nature is discovered, she’s forced to flee with Dray, a shapechanger whose other form is a wolf.  Dray has every reason to hate her–his bonded mate sacrificed her life to save Rois.  This scene happens as Rois tries to get Dray to tell her more about what he is and, in turn, what it means for her.

Between one step and the next Dray was back to his man-shape and striding across the space between them.  When he stood so close that she was forced to tilt her head at a sharp angle to look up at him, he said, “I am Aldred.”

Rois knew he was trying to intimidate her, standing so close she barely had space to breathe without touching him.  “And what am I?”

“You,” he said, touching her sternum with an outstretched finger, “Are a nightmare I’m cursed with.  Now hush and follow.”

That’s all for this week.  Next week I’ll be at the Cascade Writers Workshop, so I won’t be posting, but I’m looking forward to getting back the week after!

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  1. Thanks very much to all of you, and Sandy, thanks also for the feedback on the look of the page. Blogspot was glitching when I was making it and I almost ended up tearing out my hair before it let me select the image that I wanted =)

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