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 Life Out of Harmony and Other Tales of Wonder – short story collection available at Amazon and other online retailers

Memories In Winter” in Factor Four Magazine, July 2022

“To Be Made Pearl” in Maelstroms, May 2022

“Ophelia’s Song” in Tree And Stone, May 2022

Tie a Ribbon on the Fairy Tree” in Every Day Fiction, January 2022

Child, Remembering” in Factor Four Magazine, January 2022

Grandmother’s Satchel, Full of Tongues” in Flash Fiction Online, January 2020

“Her Hands that Held the Stars” in Cricket Magazine, November 2019

The Lights of Wonderland” in Factor Four Magazine, April 2019

Life to the Power of Three” in The Overcast, December 2018

A Salamander’s Wisdom” in Factor Four Magazine, September 2018

“The Phoenix of Christ Church” in Stupefying Stories, August 2018

“Peace In the Valley” in Factor Four Magazine, July 2018

“This Isn’t Better” in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, July 2018

“The Orb” in Cricket Magazine, May 2018

“Phoenix, Fallen” in Factor Four Magazine, April 2018
* Reprinted in Flash Fiction Online, July 2019

Eyes of Wood, Heart of Stone” in Flash Fiction Online, March 2018

Anchor and Key” in T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, July 2017

What Waits Beneath the Rainbow Sea” in Every Day Fiction, June 2017

“Mayfire” in Aurealis, May 2017

A Breath of Aphrodite” in Perihelion Science Fiction, December 2016

“Songs in the Key of Chamomile” in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, November 2016
* Reprinted in Flash Fiction Online, June 2018

Boys’ Night” in Cast of Wonders, November 2016

“My Secret Thorns” in Silent Screams: An Anthology of Socially Conscious Dark Fiction, October 2016

Simple Things” in Nature, October 2016

The Wren and the Clockwork Man” in T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, September 2016

Silverbird Rising” in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, September 2016

Safe Word” in Every Day Fiction, August 2016

Down By the Riverside” in Abyss & Apex, April 2016

Beneath the Raven’s Wing” in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, October 2015

At Apocalypse’s Edge” in Every Day Fiction, September 2015

The Cormorant in the Glass-bottomed Cage” in Flash Fiction Online, May 2015
* Reprinted in Flash Fiction Online 2015 Anthology, January 2016
* Reprinted in Insignia: Volume 7, January 2016

Like a Lover’s Hands” in Every Day Fiction, April 2015

A Taste of Cinnamon” in Fireside Magazine, March 2015

Dragonfly’s First Flight” in Cricket Magazine, February, March, and April 2015

“Blink Twice” in Perihelion Science Fiction, January 2015
* Podcast in The Overcast, May 2016

Ice and White Roses” in Nature, November 2014

Kindle My Heart” in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, September 2014
* Reprinted in Dragons, Droids & Doom: Year One, November 2015
* Reprinted in 2nd and Starlight, June 2016

Are You Receiving?” in Nature, July 2014
*Reprinted in Evil Girlfriend Media Shorts, February 2016

“Life Out of Harmony” in Perihelion Science Fiction, June 2014
*Reprinted in 1st & Starlight, July 2015

“To Walk the Earth” in Perihelion Science Fiction, January 2014

The Underground” in Every Day Fiction, October 2013
Podcast in Every Day Fiction, June 2014, read by Folly Blaine
* Reprinted by Evil Girlfriend Media Shorts, November 2015

“Quarantine Summer” in Perihelion Science Fiction, September 2013
*  Podcast in StarShipSofa, December 2015, read by Tim Maroney

Three Red Roses” in Every Day Fiction, June 2013

“Guardian” in the Grantville Gazette: Universe Annex, January 2013

“The Memory of Huckleberries” in Penumbra eZine, September 2012
* Reprinted in Best of Penumbra, Volume 1
* Reprinted in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, April 2016
* Reprinted in 3rd and Starlight, December 2017

“Moon Lantern” in Abyss & Apex, 2004 (as Rebecca A. Willman)

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