Clarion West Write-a-Thon Week 2

This week saw a lot more intensive writing activity than last.  I reached my six hours in the first two days.  It’s amazing how motivating deadlines are.

I worked on editing for two different contests.  One was a fairly easy spit and polish, the other much more significant.  I rearranged plot points, changed tense, worked on addressing motivation for multiple characters . . . in all, it was a lot to hold in my head at one time.  I did manage to get the stories completed and submitted before their deadlines.  Phew!

Next came another deadline-based project.  I’m involved in an online writer’s group that does contests sometimes.  We’ve just started a summer contest for flash stories.  In this case, there was a thousand words maximum word count.  It’s quite a challenge to shove a story into that few words.  It started easily, then as the word count loomed I spent a good deal of time cutting words out of the beginning to make room for the end.

I’m looking forward to doing a full edit on the story after the contest is done so that I can get it out under submission.

Overall, I ended up spending about 8.5 hours writing this week.  Looking ahead to next week!

My Write-a-Thon page.

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