Norwescon 35

I spent this last weekend at Norwescon 35, held at the Doubletree Hotel in SeaTac.  Norwescon is a vibrant convention full of creative, enthusiastic people.  It’s something I look forward to each year (although if it were held on a weekend other than Easter, it would be even better.)

I had two short stories in the Writers Workshop hosted by the Fairwood Writers, both in round robin sessions.  The level of comments was high and I found myself both encouraged with the responses people had to my work and eager to incorporate many of the suggestions I received.

What was an eye-opener for me was just how many people I actually know in the local writing community.  When I started attending Norwescon many years ago, I felt like a complete novice–shy, unconfident, and solitary.  Now, I recognize many of the people around me at the panels and can greet them by name.  I’ve read at least some of their work.  I’m more confident in my own writing and I’m no longer a wallflower.  It’s been a slow transition, but I really noticed it this year.

The best thing about Norwescon, aside from the actual workshopping process, is simply being in company with a large number of people who share the same passion and creative energy.  It’s like plugging yourself into a psychic battery.  I come out fully charged and ready to forge ahead with my writing at full speed.

One of my two workshopped stories has already been edited and submitted and I expect the next to follow by the end of the week.  Then, it will be time to focus on new production.

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