Into the Blogosphere

In Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey,” there are twelve stages the hero will pass through, beginning with the “Call to Adventure” (which this blog almost got named,) and ending with the “Return with the Elixir.”  As I looked for a title for this blog, I was drawn to “Crossing the Threshold” because it speaks to me as I begin my own journey into the daunting world of the blogosphere.

“Crossing the Threshold” is, in the most simplified sense, the point of no return as the hero sets out on the journey.  I’ve already crossed what I see as several of the major thresholds of being a writer.  I’ve written, edited, submitted and published.

Once upon a time, I’d just keep doing those things, hopefully with more successes on the publishing side as I gain experience, but part of being a writer in this modern age is developing an online presence.  Even the big name authors at big name houses do this.  It’s a way to reach new readers and keep currents ones updated and invested in what you are producing.  Of all the parts of being a writer, this is the one in which I have the least confidence.  Still, if this is a part of my journey, it’s time to accept the “Call to Adventure.”  This first post is my “Crossing the Threshold.”

This blog will contain thoughts on the craft of writing, stories of success and the lessons learned from failure.  First up will be a review of Ken Rand’s “The 10% Solution: Self-editing for the Modern Writer.”

I’m looking forward to the adventure!

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